Metal Fabrication is broken down into the three sections, Cutting, Bending and Assembling.

The cutting or “breaking” of the metal allows for you to arrange them in any form you would like that does not naturally work with the material you have.  This involves then another step to bring different pieces of material together, such as welding or bolting them together unlike the bending of materials.


Bending involves taking the material and manipulating it while still as a single piece to what ever you desire.  This was accomplished originally by blacksmiths and nowadays is still done in automation by hydraulic presses to produce everything from spoons to car fenders to cabinets.


Assembling is taking the two materials and making them one.  This is accomplished in a number of ways.  From adhesives, riveting, screwing together, welding, etc…  Any way to join the two materials together is considered a form of fabrication.

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